ZeroLight have been down at TechXLR8 in London this week demonstrating our state of the art car configuration solution in partnership with StarVR. Using the DK1C with a 2560x1440 resolution per eye @ 60Hz, and a 210° field of view (compared with current consumer headsets of 1080x1200 per eye with 110° field of view), we have literally been able to broaden the horizons of the VR configuration solution. The response has been great, with everyone astounded by the graphical quality, level of detail and clarity they are able to see.

Partnered with the configurator we had our WisdomVR solution running which allowed everyone to see the power of the analytics we could obtain from the VR solution. This showed each users unique experience tracked - showing the path they took, where they spent the most time and what part of the car they were most fascinated with.

Whilst setting up there were plenty of stands I wanted to check out, with lots of amazing tech on show, but as soon as the show opened there wasn't really any time to take a breather with the popularity of the ZeroLight stand! There was a constant influx of people wanting to try out the solution and the new headset not currently on the market.

The best part for me was explaining the product to a skeptic who sounded disinterested - until they put the headset on. The change in their expression was like flipping a coin, and as they became immersed in the experience the queue started building up as they didn't want to leave!