This week the ZeroLight team attended VR AR World 2016 at the London ExCeL to showcase the premium virtual reality solution created for the Toyota C-HR.

As a sponsor, speaker and exhibitor the event gave us the opportunity both to demonstrate the quality of our VR solution but also share our learnings and experiences with the industry. Across the two days hundreds of visitors were blown away by the quality of ZeroLight VR, regularly commenting that it was the best VR experience they had ever had.

The Toyota C-HR experience integrates the real car seat in the exact location of the driver's seat in the virtual car, allowing users to open the door and actually sit in the car. The addition of the physical seat creates even more immersion, demonstrating to booth visitors the value of the solution to the car buying process.

CMO François de Bodinat gave a keynote presentation on the use of virtual reality in automotive retail, covering our projects with Audi, Toyota and Pagani and delivering a range of key findings and advice to the audience. He then participated in a panel alongside other automotive and VR industry experts, covering subjects including the challenges and uses of VR in the industry, design and experience, future vision and cross over with other sectors.

Along with François, four other members of the ZeroLight team attended to represent the company and demonstrate our VR solution. Event planning and management was headed up by marketing executive Joseph Artgole with demo team lead and Chief Carpenter Ian Downing looking after the technical set up and management of the demo. Marketing Director Jason Collins took up the role of camera man and business development and new to the team Associate Commercial Director Bunty Aranja did a fantastic job running demos, meeting and generating leads.