ZeroLight hosted the first of its annual studio tours yesterday, welcoming Teesside University students from the Games Programming and Computer Science undergraduate degrees.

The studio tours give students an opportunity to hear presentations from current staff members on their experiences graduating from University and gaining a place on the ZeroLight Internship Program. Development staff from the Tech, Pagani & Audi teams spoke about the work they were doing, what technical challenges they faced and their experiences working with big name clients. Importantly most of the speakers were recent graduates themselves and could advise the students on how to make their applications stand out by putting together a great portfolio site alongside their application for an internship.

Students were also given the opportunity to try ZeroLight's demo experience using the HTC Vive, which really set their mind to how they could incorporate VR into their own projects back at Uni.

After the presentations and demos, the group joined ZeroLight staff on the Terrace for a pizza lunch where they had plenty of questions on gaining a place on the Internship Program.

We welcome Newcastle University on Monday as the tours continue!