One of the best things about working in ZeroLight's Demo Team is that you get to be the one to show off all our latest solutions and tech at some of the biggest events in the world. Sadly for me, I can't take the credit for the mind-blowing demos the team put together, but, having worked in the industry for 13 years, I can't tell you how excited I am to be heading off to one of the world's largest AV events, InfoComm!

I'll be out in sunny Orlando for nearly a week, but it's not all going to be beaches and theme parks for me: I'll be doing back-to-back demos alongside LG on their booth (2525) at InfoComm (12th-14th June). We'll be showcasing one of our most successful and exciting demos yet: our 10K resolution car configurator utilising LG's transparent OLED with touchscreen overlay, featuring the Audi e-tron. If you went to ISE 2019, I'm sure you'll know the one - the demo absolutely stole the show with non-stop crowds all week! See the picture below for a taster of what it was like…

I'm sure you're all asking at this point how a transparent touchscreen configurator works (I was wondering the same thing the first time I heard about it too). Well, back in November 2018, LG approached us to see what we could do with their latest OLED signage. Our Technical Director, Chris O'Connor, and the LG team devised a use case that it's fair to say has the wow factor! The transparent OLED is used as an interface for content on a 10K video wall behind the screen. The video below shows it in action at ISE.

Once you get over the initial Minority Report nostalgia, you realise the transparent screen actually gives you a whole new way to interact with digital content: you don't have to look away from the car you're configuring to make any changes. The interface is extremely natural, and after a couple of seconds, you can easily use the UI to interact with the 10K car behind the screen without having to adjust focus. During ISE, we had people from all types of industries - from scientists and engineers to retailers and salespeople - that suggested endless innovative applications for this cool tech!

If you'd like to know more about this demo or any of ZeroLight's other services, feel free to contact me via my email or on LinkedIn. Or, if you'd like to try this incredible demo for yourself at InfoComm, join me at booth 2525, Orange County Convention Centre, West Level 2 next week!