Last week, we were very excited to give our ground-breaking dealer platform, SpotLight, its first ever public display!

Handing dealers the tools they need to fully personalise the car-buying process, SpotLight's apps help them create all sorts of bespoke media, from pictures and videos to brochures and microsites. Just look at the incredible wall-art our design team produced in SpotLight's Shutter Pro app for this event!

Given that it's a tool for dealers, we thought AM Live, the UK's biggest dealer conference, would be the perfect place for the big unveil. But it wasn't just SpotLight's first outing: it was also the first time Vika and Phillip have come to an event with us! Vika has led the UI/UX design for SpotLight since its inception, while Phillip is the latest member of our jet-setting Demo Team. They were both very excited to be part of our huge SpotLight launch!

While we focused on SpotLight's content creation apps in this demo, we used a second booth to demonstrate its data analytics capabilities. To do this, we brought along the Intelligent Car Configurator, which uses SpotLight's Wisdom technology to analyse user interactions and suggest relevant upsells and configuration changes to the dealer.

Rounding everything up, François took part in the ZeroLight-sponsored Vision of the Future Seminar, outlining where we see the industry going and explaining why OEMs and dealers need to adapt to the changing definition of luxury retail.

During the event, we were inundated with visitors from all areas of the automotive industry, and before we knew it, it was time to head home - but we couldn't just leave such a beautiful piece of artwork behind! Now we just need to find somewhere to put it…