In the hunt for knowledge, VR news and answers to a big list of questions, I got the opportunity to travel to Seattle for the Steam Dev Days 2016.

On arrival the sun was shining and as I skipped around the city I wondered what this talk of rainy Seattle was all about.

I arrived at the Washington State Convention Centre and checked in, there I was handed a big blue bag of conference goodies, the only downside was that I had to carry it around. But luckily our travel expert Melissa had booked a hotel that was only two blocks away so I could relieve my weak programming arms and drop the bag off back there.

There were many great talks including information on the new open source SteamVR tracking solutions and an exciting prototype controller. This will provide some very exciting new opportunities for ZeroLight to explore in the future. I got the opportunity to sit down with the software developers at Valve and discuss the projects we are creating for our automotive clients. These new contacts within the dev team will enable us to get very useful support and advice on the cutting edge projects we are creating with the HTC Vive.

At conferences it is always great to talk with other developers, there is such a broad range of projects being worked on, everyone is always amazed by the quality of the work we do and the exciting products we create. Many of the developers of our favourite VR games were there, they really understand the complexities of working in VR, so it was great to discuss the challenges we encounter.

The conference ended before the weekend and I took this opportunity to spend a few extra days in Seattle and explore the top tourist sights, the space needle, the Pike Place Markets, the gum wall (which stunk) as well as some sights outside the city.
But this is when the rain started and it didn't stop, the locals say it wont stop for 3 months now…