ZeroLight's Demo Team are expert travellers. In 2017 they've visited over 10 countries, showcasing our innovative tech at client sites, conferences and tradeshows. The team, consisting of Ian, Tom and Teesside University Placement Student James all have programming backgrounds. They're experts at the technical set-up elements required when transporting ZeroLight technology around the world. Having such a high percentage of travel involved in their roles requires high energy and resourcefulness. We talk to them about their favourite experiences so far:


I've loved visiting different automotive manufacturers and seeing their factories and R&D centres across the world, they range from swanky offices to test centres overlooking race tracks. One of my favourite demo experiences was our installation at the opening of the Pagani dealership in London. Horatio Pagani was there with his family and a brand new Huayra was presented by Mr Pagani to its new owner.

One place that really stood out to me that I've been lucky enough to visit with ZeroLight was Hiroshima. I had an evening free to explore the city. There was an autumn festival going on with street food, Kabuki Theatre and festivities at a local Shinto Shrine. I was also able to visit the Hiroshima Peace Memorial which was an incredible experience.


Visiting places I've never been before is a big highlight for me - Tokyo, New York and LA were some of my favourites. It's also great to talk to so many people from various backgrounds along the way.

Getting to witness some of the nice cars is great too, when I visited Pagani in Italy I was able to take a look at the Pagani Huayra.

This year I've also been lucky enough to visit Japan to showcase ZeroLight tech. It's a country I've always wanted to visit, so that was a great experience.


My favourite demo experience hasn't been one in particular - I've enjoyed all aspects of them. It doesn't matter who tries our demo - from the CEO of a high-profile company to the general public - when they put on the headset they are amazed. It's great to see people crawling around to get close to the car and become fully immersed in the ZeroLight experience.

I've always really loved Germany and since starting my placement with ZeroLight in June I've been lucky enough to visit twice. My favourite place so far has been Munich. The buildings and architecture are amazing and it was great to visit a huge beer hall called a "Hofbräuhaus" which was full of people having a great time, even singing!

We are currently recruiting for a new member of the Demo Team. You can find more information on the role at If you would like to make an application or have any questions, please contact [email protected].