We talk to the latest member of our Graduate Program.

What were you doing before you joined ZeroLight?

Before joining ZeroLight, I was working as a Software Engineer at PII Pipeline Solutions, part of GE Oil & Gas. I also finished my final year of university this year, graduating with a BSc in Computer Games Programming from Teesside University.

What are your hobbies?

In a shocking revelation for a techie, I probably spend far too much of my time playing video games! Breaking the stereotype, I actually spend a lot of my time playing and writing music. I mainly do acoustic material, and, although I'm not performing much these days, I used to do fill-in guitar for artists at a studio in Stockton while I was still at college. An interesting little tidbit is that I've got a particularly rare, limited edition acoustic guitar that an artist from Wiltshire drove 300+ miles to use for a recording once because of its signature sound!

My other main interest is history. I've actually just come back from a big ‘museum holiday' in London where my partner and I visited all the museums we could see. Being such a history buff, I could hardly have picked a better area of the country to work really, especially considering my favourite period is Roman Britain! Being on the doorstep of Hadrian's Wall is absolutely incredible, and there's so much more to see too; the whole region is steeped in history. I've had great days out just down the road at the former Roman fort Segedunum and a little further afield at Lindisfarne - the mead there is fantastic!

So, what do you do here at ZeroLight?

I'm an Associate Software Engineer on the Tech Team. My day-to-day work can drastically change on a daily basis, shifting from working on new shaders/improving existing software, to investigating and integrating exciting new tech into the ZeroLight Virtual Experience.

What's your favourite thing you've worked on?

I was surprised at how much I recently enjoyed working on improving the performance and VRAM usage of the ZLVE application. Although I used Unity at university, we didn't touch much on engine optimisation, and working on this taught me some really useful techniques to use when dealing with extremely high-quality graphics.

What are you most looking forward to working on?

It's got to be our StarVR integration! I was really surprised by how immersive the experience was when I first tried the demo, and, moving forward, it'll be great to be involved in improving that further!