11 Jul

ZeroLight Integration with Amazon Alexa

ZeroLight solutions work with a range of innovative inputs, from simple touch screens to gesture control. In this project the ZeroLight Labs team explored adding voice control to the 3D Web Configurator solution, allowing the user to explore and configure the car simply by given spoken instructions.

To achieve this the ZeroLight cloud-powered web configurator was integrated with Amazon's Alexa Voice Service using the Echo device, a hands-free speaker controlled with voice commands.

"ZeroLight are an example of how cloud computing can be harnessed to deliver a new experience for customers. We're looking forward to learning more about how ZeroLight is leveraging the AWS cloud to innovate for customers"

Gavin Jackson
Head of AWS in the UK

The result is the ability to explore, interact with and configure the car entirely through voice command. Issuing the "Alexa, start ZeroLight" command to the Echo initiates the web configurator and allows the user to give a range of commands to control the car in the web browser. For the Labs project the following functionality was included, each with a wide variety of valid voice commands to activate the change.

  • Change the colour of the exterior
  • Change the colour of the interior
  • Change the wheel style
  • Change the wheel colour
  • Open/Close the doors, boot, bonnet, rear aero flaps, rear aero flaps
  • Start/Stop driving
  • Change camera to front, top, back, three-quarter, side, interior and dynamic orbit
  • Launch/Exit application
  • Reset configuration
  • Request list of valid options for each of the above commands

The integration with the Echo was Included in ZeroLight's presentation at the AWS Summit as a demonstration of Alexa's capability to work with online and retail solutions and has subsequently received interest from OEMs, agencies and partners as an innovative new way to implement user interaction in their solutions.

ClientZeroLight Labs
ProjectOnline, With Video