10 Jun

Video Fascinator - Labs Project

The Video Fascinator is a ZeroLight Labs team project which utilises the power of ZeroLight's real-time 3D technology to record assets quickly and efficiently for an interactive video experience.

The project was devised to demonstrate two separate benefits. Firstly, to prove that an interactive video demonstration can add engagement and excitement to a product landing page without the complexity of a full configurator. Secondly, to demonstrate the power of ZeroLight Live Shot technology to record high fidelity video assets in real-time from a live 3D scene, dramatically reducing the cost and time of CGI video production.

The 80 videos used in the ZeroLight.com video fascinator demo were recorded, formatted and exported in the various formats required for good browser and device compatibility in less than 24 hours.

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The functionality of the Video Fascinator
ZeroLight's Video Fascinator allows the user to switch between different configurations without disrupting the flow of a video showcasing the car. Controls are kept purposefully simple so as to present an accessible and easy to use experience for customers in the consideration phase of their car buying journey, who may not be ready to commit time and understanding to a full car configurator experience.

Cost effective video production from real-time 3D visualisation
The video fascinator demonstration on ZeroLight.com uses 80 videos, which were all recorded from a ZeroLight 3D scene. This method of video capture is fast and efficient, producing video assets at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional CGI methods. An identical camera path of each car configuration was programmatically recorded, formatted and exported in less than 24 hours, delivering over 90 minutes of high fidelity CGI video at revolutionary time and cost.

Discovering the key benefits
By delivering the Video Fascinator Labs project on zerolight.com several key benefits of this solution and technique became obvious.

  • Product landing pages are made more engaging when a simple but effective digital experience is used. Visitors of a product landing or information page are likely to be in the consideration phase of their buying journey and may not be willing to embark on a full and more complex configuration of the car yet. Hence a Video Fascinator is an accessible and simple way to engage them at this phase.
  • By using ZeroLight real-time 3D technology to record the video assets a Video Fascinator is cost effective enough to use on every product page for every model
  • The speed of asset production makes brands and web teams agile, allowing them to be quick to market with new web experiences.
  • As the experience is delivered through interactive video the Video Fascinator is very simple to add to every page.
ClientZeroLight Labs
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