1 Sep

Toyota Aygo Drum Machine Configurator

The Toyota Aygo Drum Machine Configurator is an example of how ZeroLight's real-time 3D visualisation technology can be used to create new and innovative kinds of digital experience for automotive brands. In this case, the experience is a fun and friendly way to engage an audience in a car and its configuration options, without the formality or complexity of a full configurator.

The Experience
The Toyota Aygo experience utilises ZeroLight's virtual showroom solution, which was integrated with an electronic drum machine to act as the user input device. As the user hits different drums a different aspect of the car or scene changes, creating a constantly moving and dynamic experience. These include the exterior colour, exterior layout, wheels, camera direction, car bounce and environment bounce. In addition to each of these, one of the drum pads was integrated with Twitter, allowing the user to automatically Tweet a picture of their configured Aygo.

Use Case
Experiences like the Toyota Aygo Drum Machine Configurator are designed for use with branding campaigns, market awareness activity and family-friendly events. By removing the complexity that car configurators often require in order to function as a sales tool, the customer is able to simply enjoy the car and interact with the experience. This creates a high level of engagement both with the brand and the car and can play a key role in generating sales leads. The Aygo Drum machine's simple but effective experience means it appealed to all ages and demographics, particularly younger audiences who may not be attracted to a traditional configurator.

Asset Production & Social Integration
A key objective of the Toyota Aygo experience was to maximise the campaign's reach through social channels. This was achieved through integration with Twitter, allowing users of the drum machine experience to tweet a picture of their car at any point by hitting the specified drum.

Technology Showcase
The drum machine experience demonstrates the speed of ZeroLight's real-time 3D rendering technology, showcasing its ability to react to multiple, fast inputs virtually instantly.

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