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Geneva Motorshow with Pagani

At the 2016 Geneva Motorshow Pagani Automobili utilised ZeroLight technology in two areas of their booth. Complementing their two stunning physical models were an interactive configurator in the private customer booth and a real-time captured video in the public viewing area. Both experiences showcased the newly launched Pagani Huayra BC and demonstrated the capability of ZeroLight solutions to enable a coordinated physical-digital launch of a new model.

"We offer customers the opportunity to tailor their new Pagani to their individual desires. The configurator built by ZeroLight enables a meticulous exploration of our vehicles and their customization opportunities."

Horacio Pagani
CEO & Chief Designer Pagani Automobili

Private Customer Booth: The Interactive Configurator
As one of the most exclusive areas of Geneva Motorshow, the Pagani private customer booth area combines physical and digital elements to engage customers in the brand's unique buying experience. Alongside the premium materials and carbon fibre samples housed in the luxury Pagani briefcase was ZeroLight's advanced real-time 3D configurator solution. In one of the first public demonstrations of the Pagani digital retail solution, customers could explore and configure the Huayra and Huayra BC in intricate detail from a comprehensive list of interior and exterior options.

Pagani's ZeroLight-powered digital retail solution in use in the Pagani private customer booth.

"Pagani customers understand the value of fine craftsmanship, spectacular aesthetics and precise engineering; our partnership with ZeroLight helps make the retail experience a journey that engages the customer in the design process and visualizes the end result in the highest quality possible"

Horacio Pagani
CEO & Chief Designer Pagani Automobili

Public Viewing Area: Real-time Produced Video
Attracting huge crowds throughout the show, the Pagani booth at Geneva Motorshow is at the forefront of the world's motoring press and fans from around the world. At the 2016 show Pagani utilised a real-time recorded video from ZeroLight as an additional, engaging element on their booth to showcase the new Pagani Huayra BC's options and capability. On show by the main viewing platform, collaboration ahead of the show allowed ZeroLight to produce the video featuring the precise model and specification of the BC, creating a compelling digital-physical combination.

Video created using ZeroLight technology for use on the Pagani stand at Geneva Motorshow. Everything in the video is shot in real-time.

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