6 Jan

Audi Walking VR

As strategic visualisation partners to Audi, ZeroLight undertake a range of projects using cutting edge display devices and techniques, including bringing their critically acclaimed digital showrooms to Virtual Reality and the HTC Vive. The Audi Walking VR experience allowed Audi to take the next step in their virtual reality deployment, enhancing the customer experience beyond that of the revolutionary "dealership in a briefcase" project delivered in 2014 with the Oculus Rift DK2.

The cutting edge virtual reality experience allows users to walk around to explore the car, utilising the large "play area" of the HTC Vive. The user digitally interacts with a fully configurable 5 million polygon car with advanced lighting and effects at 90Hz with sub 20ms latency. Such high performance from the hardware is made possible by ZeroLight's highly optimised visualisation solution and means a sickness-free experience for the customer.

Debuted at CES 2016 as part of Audi's visually striking stand, the Walking VR solution is acknowledged as the best virtual reality experience in the automotive industry.

Audi's distinctive and eye catching booth design within which the Walking VR solution was available to use.

The Walking VR solution utilises ZeroLight's omnichannel approach to visualisation which enabled Audi come to market quickly with a Vive experience that maximised the graphical and performance output of the headset. Powered by the same real-time 3D visualisation technology as their retail and online solutions, it is a demonstration of the efficient re-use of technology and assets that the ZeroLight omnichannel allows. Initially built for the Vive development kit and Vive Pre, the experience now runs using the consumer release version.

The experience has been met with critical acclaim by both technology and motoring press and continues to be acknowledged as the benchmark for automotive VR experiences.