10 Jan

Audi City

The pinnacle of automotive digital retail, Audi City is a cutting edge and stylish use of interactive 3D car configurators in a physical retail environment. Located in prestigious retail areas of major international cities, Audi City stores mix a small selection of physical demonstrator models with digital technology, allowing for the lifelike presentation of the entire model lineup through high-end real-time 3D visualisation provided by ZeroLight. The technology provides high fidelity, interactive experiences for customers that promote digital exploration and customisation that engage visitors. In each "cyber store" ZeroLight visualisation technology is deployed in 3 formats.

"…the entire model portfolio of the four rings can be experienced almost true to life, in virtual technology."

- Audi Media Center

Multi-touch Table
The Multi-Touch Tables (MTT) allow Audi City customers to explore and configure the entire Audi range, including all models, configurations, options and add-ons. Its touch-screen controls provide an intuitive way to interact with the detailed 3D virtual car, which is rendered in real-time by ZeroLight. Customers can view the car from any angle, interact with features such as doors to open them and view and apply customisation options, all via the MTT interface. The MTT's use of ZeroLight real-time 3D visualisation shows how the technology excels during the consideration and research phases of a buying journey, allowing customers explore, interact with and customise the entire range of cars in an engaging digital experience.

"The virtual Audi models are now represented with photorealism, and the digital technologies are now even more efficient in terms of energy consumption and cost."

- Audi Media Center

Multi-touch table in Audi City Paris showing ZeroLight visualisation solution

Cars configured on the multi-touch tables can be sent up to the Powerwall to view at a "lifesize" scale. The Powerwall allows customers to view and interact with their car on a large-format, multi-screen display at 4K resolution.

"Using innovative media technology, fans and customers of the brand can customize their dream Audi from several hundred million different possible configurations, then experience it on almost 1:1 scale on floor-to-ceiling mega-screens"

- Audi Media Center

At 3 meters in height and up to 15 meters in width the Powerwall is an excellent showcase of ZeroLight's real-time 3D visualisation solution to deliver both visual quality and performance at a large scale.

Istanbul showing large format, multi-panel Powerwall

Customer Private Lounge (CPL)
The Customer Private Lounges present in each Audi City provide a more private environment for customers to explore and configure their new car alongside a member of the sales team. This guided configuration process dedicates an MTT together with an up to 4K Ultra HD resolution screen for use by the customer. The exclusive sales space provided by the CPL demonstrates ZeroLight's capability for close up and detailed inspection of the car together with intricate personalisation as the customer finalises their purchase options.

Istanbul private customer lounge use case showing live driving scene

Finding out more
ZeroLight's use as the visualisation provider for Audi City is the perfect showcase for the solution's ability to deliver a premium, high-engagement digital solution for a prestigious retail experience.
The full ZeroLight experience can be seen at any of the six Audi City locations as well as numerous Audi dealerships around the world. Additionally, each global Audi dealership can also choose to utilise parts of the Audi City experience within their own dealership; known as the modular transfer of core technologies into the classic dealership format. This allows dealers to enhance their customer experience as well as allowing them to increase display capacity.
In 2016 Audi Reported that dealerships that have already been equipped with these digital modules have seen spending for optional extras increase by 15 percent on average.

Audi City Locations

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