ZeroLight, Varjo, and Audi have collaborated on a ground-breaking VR experience for the new VR-1 head-mounted display (HMD). Enabling visitors to configure and explore the Audi e-tron in exceptional detail, the concept uses the world's first human-eye resolution VR HMD to demonstrate the significant commercial potential of immersive technology. The experience will be publicly unveiled for the first time at the VR Village at GTC 2019, San Jose McEnery Convention Centre, 18th-21st March.

Visual fidelity is vital in commercial VR. When a brand virtually displays its products, it must ensure that it accurately models every detail, as any errors could impact revenue. The human-eye resolution delivered via the VR-1 enables brands to create experiences that can not only meet these requirements but actually immerse customers within virtual environments that are as rich and detailed as their real-world surroundings.

"This project combines exceptional hardware with highly engaging content to demonstrate the unparalleled quality of Audi's vehicles and highlight our continued focus on driving innovation at every opportunity." Thomas Orenz, Audi Visualisation Engine, Digital Content and Virtual Reality, Audi AG.

The VR-1's revolutionary resolution means users can see every inch of the real-time rendered model e-tron as if it was physically there in front of them. This is made possible by the highly detailed digital twin models that are created from Audi's CAD data.

"Using the latest hardware from Varjo, we have set a new benchmark for commercial visualisation solutions. Recreating reality at incredible resolutions, the VR-1 mirrors the e-tron's advanced technology and enables users to digitally explore the EV of the future." Jan Pflueger, Coordination Augmented & Virtual Reality, Audi AG.

The VR-1 features a Bionic Display™ that combines 1920x1080 low-persistence micro-OLED and 1440x1600 low-persistence AMOLED displays with a hardware-based foveated rendering effect. This delivers human-eye resolution at over 60 PPD / 3000 PPI fidelity in the focused area at the centre of the display.

"This application demonstrates the revolutionary power of the VR-1. ZeroLight's highly-detailed models can perfectly demonstrate the HMD's unprecedented human-eye resolution, enabling professional users to admire for the first time even the finest details of virtual environments and models." Jussi Mäkinen, CMO, Varjo.

Creating content for the VR-1 requires the rendering of two views per eye: one for the focused area and one for the remainder of the view. Due to complexity of the vehicle and scene, this has overhead on the CPU. To optimise the performance on the VR-1, ZeroLight integrated a feature of the new NVIDIA Turing GPUs: Multi View Rendering.

"Varjo VR-1 enables us to advance our automotive visualization platform by delivering our state-of-the-art sales and marketing content at human-eye resolution. Creating this powerful illusion of reality is crucial in delivering the truly premium brand experiences that our partners require." Chris O'Connor, Technical Director, ZeroLight.

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