Luxury Italian sportscar manufacturer Lamborghini have partnered with automotive visualisation specialist ZeroLight to reinvent their online product experience. Customers of the Aventador, Huracan and Urus can digitally configure and visualise all aspects of their vehicle online, on any device. Available in all markets and serving approx. 1 million unique images per day, the new technology allows visitors to Lamborghini's website to view their car online in resolutions up to 4k. Personalised content such as custom brochures are created at the end of each customer session as part of the purchase journey.

Capitalising on ZeroLight's cloud technology, Lamborghini's web configurator no longer relies upon traditional image bank methods of configuration. The new production pipeline draws 2D images straight from a live 3D scene rendered in the cloud. Each configuration change is made in real-time on a single 3D model before a series of photos are taken and served to customers online in seconds. The operation is set to run efficiencies throughout the content production pipeline. Previously, with so many configurations per vehicle, it was only possible to create and store a set of images for a limited set of configurations. Now with ZeroLight, any image can be created on-demand for any configuration. This removes all lead-time, manual effort and storage required. Rendering takes place on AWS G2 instances, with AWS recognising ZeroLight's proficiency in building engaging and scalable automotive sales and marketing solutions earlier this year.

Using a 3D asset at the core of the solution means Lamborghini can utilise a complete real-time 3D web configurator at any point as part of the same solution. This allows the brand to scale up the customer experience on-demand, with a 3D integration expected in Lamborghini dealerships. The move would connect the online and offline ecosystem for a cohesive and consistent customer experience. It follows recent news of Audi's rollout of their real-time 3D online configurator to 25 territories, bringing the dealership experience to any connected device.

"Lamborghini's online configurator is a complete solution, utilising proprietary cloud architecture to optimise both experience and accessibility whilst removing dependencies on service infrastructure and device. The scale at which it's producing bespoke content is testament to the efficiencies it can provide to high-profile brands." - Dave Hawes, Technical Director, ZeroLight

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