ZeroLight and Rokkan have developed a new digital experience to replace Cadillac's traditional, printed catalogues. The unique digital brochures offer customers a truly engaging way to explore and discover a vehicle through a range of interactive features and high-quality visual content. Now live for the 2020 Cadillac XT6, the project is set to expand to additional vehicles in the Cadillac line-up, including the 2020 XT5, CT5, and CT4.

Designed to give users as much information as a print catalogue but in a manner that reflects modern behaviour, the digital brochures are a versatile and engaging new medium for Cadillac to tap into and leverage. The new brochures take customers on a guided tour through the vehicle, enabling them to choose their preferred paint colour, alloy, and interior trim as they explore and interact with different features. As the customer goes through the journey, a unique summary page dynamically updates to match their exact configuration. Customers are then encouraged to create conversations by sharing this summary page via built-in social links, thus maximising the potential for positive brand communication.

"Transforming a static piece of content into a fully interactive product experience, the Cadillac XT6 digital brochure is a perfect example of our focus on delivering the most engaging and enjoyable purchase experiences. What we have created is an entirely new channel for our customers to discover what makes our cars and crossovers unique."

Melissa Grady, CMO, Cadillac

As an omnichannel-first solution, the brochures are optimised for use on any mobile, tablet, or desktop device. This flexibility extends beyond dealerships: the brochures are also integrated into Cadillac's online offering. As a result, they offer several digital-only benefits that span from enhancements in engagement and interactivity to optimisations in production and use.

In addition to high-quality images and videos, the brochures use mini experiences like configurators, comparison sliders, and feature spots to highlight a car's key selling points. Thanks to the agility of digital platforms, Cadillac can freely update this content to ensure it is up-to-date and consistent with any current marketing campaigns without having to invest in reprinting and transporting physical copies. By avoiding print-based expenditures like transport, storage, and wastage, this paperless approach can deliver efficiencies that can be significant: Mimeo estimates that warehousing alone can add 19% on to the total cost of a print.

"As a Creation Agency, our focus is on delivering growth for our clients through sheer innovation. Our aim here was to achieve this by using a unique medium to take customers on an immersive journey through a car's key features, enabling them to imagine themselves behind the wheel of their next Cadillac."

Kevin Keehn, VP CD, Rokkan

As Cadillac's AOR, Rokkan lead content and strategy creation of the brochures. The agency helped optimise the design for cross-device usability and provided media briefs for the asset development. Working closely with Rokkan, ZeroLight was responsible for the rendered content production and the front-end development of the brochure. Using its cloud-based content production platform, SpotLight Suite™, ZeroLight was able to quickly render the large number of assets required for interactive features like the alloy stage, which alone was comprised of 3,672 individual images. This enabled the company's developers to create a range of elements like image- and video-based configurators, image carousels, and 360⁰ turntables.

"We share Cadillac's forward-thinking vision of automotive retail. Together, we are pioneering the digitalisation of the car-buying experience and demonstrating just some of the powerful new mediums and channels that retailers now have at their disposal."

François de Bodinat, CMO, ZeroLight

The brochure is the latest in a line of projects that ZeroLight has helped deliver for the Cadillac XT6, with AR projects on both Facebook and Google's platforms going live in recent weeks. In each one, ZeroLight has used various content production capabilities to help deliver Cadillac's revitalised image is an innovation leader in the luxury automotive sector.

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