Following the successful expansion of Audi AG's 3D online configurator pilot in the Netherlands, the premium car manufacturer has collaborated with visualisation specialists ZeroLight and cloud computing provider Amazon Web Services (AWS) for a new retail concept at CES 2018.

Taking place in the Venetian Ballroom B, C & D, 9th - 12th January, delegates will be able to personalise the Audi RS5 online and instantly experience their preferred configuration across multiple mediums. These include augmented reality, virtual reality, personalised advertising and 4k displays; the capabilities of each device delivering a unique kind of experience and engagement, suited for each customer scenario.

"Automotive retail is continually moving towards holistic digital deployments, putting the customer at the heart of the experience. Personalising every channel, starting from the web and subsequently influencing devices that would comprise store deployments, in real-time is a powerful proposition. This demonstration showcases the capability of the entire ecosystem in delivering tailored content to the customer on demand, so they can shape their car buying experience to their needs." - Francois de Bodinat, Chief Marketing Officer, ZeroLight.

The demonstration is a one-off for CES in January, showcasing how the entire connected customer journey can be personalized to each unique user, at scale. The partnership between ZeroLight and AWS provides Audi with the ability to build once and deploy across multiple technology channels and business scenarios on an on-demand basis. In doing so, the brand unifies online and offline engagements with rich customer experiences that are proven to enhance conversion, engagement and transaction value.

"Online is one of the most influential decision-making channels on the market. The cloud allows us to deliver digital engagement tools typically seen in the showroom to any connected personal device, adding value to our online offer. This demonstration will give insight into how interconnected digital experiences can place the customer in total control of their purchase journey." - Thomas Orenz, Teamleader Virtual Reality / Sales Content, Audi AG.

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