Personalised VR experiences anywhere

Smartphone powered virtual reality

Mobile VR

Cloud-powered personalised content

With ZeroLight your VR App isn't restricted to the content it was distributed with. We generate personalised virtual reality content on-demand and deliver it in real-time to the user's device.

Personalised Mobile VR Experiences

ZeroLight offers Virtual Reality smartphone apps and portable VR solutions for engagement in or out of the showroom.

Mobile VR | Mobile VR car configurator

Engage customers at home

Smartphone VR Apps for stand-alone use or for integration with our online configurator solution

Mobile Virtual Reality | Mobile Virtual Reality for cars

Enhance the showroom experience

Simple but effective VR experiences in showrooms and customer take-away Apps for use with Google Cardboard

Mobile VR | Mobile virtual reality for automotive | Sales

Enable a portable sales solution

Virtual Reality on-the-go for more effective out-of-showroom customer visits and small-scale events

High Quality 3D stereoscopic content

Locally stored media enhanced with Cloud-rendered content on-demand

Quality & Immersion

True 3D stereoscopic content with minimised stitching for a clear perception of depth and the highest image quality.


Expand the App's content with Cloud rendered, personalised VR content.




Industry Insights

Mobile VR's already significant install base will continue to grow and become a new platform for customer engagement


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