Mobile AR

See your customised car in a personal context

Smartphone and Tablet Augmented Reality

Mobile AR

Mobile augmented reality experiences without manual car model reduction

With ZeroLight, car brands can add mobile augmented reality to their digital experiences as part of a unified, efficient pipeline.

Our automated model optimisation process means AR experiences can be produced for every model, trim and option based on any car already live on the ZeroLight platform.

Ready to use with your target market

ZeroLight mobile augmented solutions are ready to use with the huge install bases of ARKit and ARCore devices.

Apple ARKit

The power of Apple

Mobile augmented reality experiences for Apple devices running iOS 11 or later. Available for iPhone 6s and newer, 2017 iPad and iPad Pro models.

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Google ARCore

The power of Android

Mobile augmented reality experiences for devices running Android N and later. Initially available for Google Pixel phones and the Samsung Galaxy 8.

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Fully featured configuration and interaction

Engage customers with interactive features to explore and configure



Select colour, wheels, interiors and more.



Automated and customer-controlled driving.



Animate doors, trunk to open/close.

Feature Demonstration


Demonstrate car and driver assistance systems.

Interior/Exterior View


Full freedom to explore inside and outside.



Share rich content to social media.

ZeroLight Labs View Case Study

Augmented Reality

ZeroLight Augmented Reality case study

Read how our ZeroLight Labs R&D team pioneered the development of augmented reality and mobile augmented reality solutions as part of our unified visualisation platform.

This Labs project demonstrates how an automotive experience for emerging AR devices was incorporated into the ZeroLight platform.

View Case Study
View Case Study

New engagements in your customer journey

Augmented Reality offers a new interactive way to engage with customers in their:



Research and Configuration.


Events and Showrooms

Discovery and Engagement.



Personalised takeaways.

Part of the ZeroLight Omnichannel

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