16 Jun

StarVR Automotive VR Experience

June 2017 saw ZeroLight and StarVR collaborate on the world's first automotive commercial demonstration of the StarVR headset during London Tech Week.

StarVR, a joint venture between Acer and Starbreeze, is a premium head-mounted display (HMD) arriving to market in the short-term. Aimed purely at the commercial sector, it displays immersive content at an extremely high-fidelity, enhancing user perception, whilst also utilising their peripheral vision.

After a short development cycle, ZeroLight's graphics team integrated the new HMD into the ZeroLight omnichannel, allowing users access to ZeroLight's visually stunning, interactive experiences at a 5k resolution and 210-degree field of view. The significance of the resolution and field of view make a dramatic difference to perception within virtual experiences, directly influencing both presence and engagement. The relevance of such a high-resolution screen and wide field of view is emphasised when compared to current market standard of 1080p output.

The combination of superior hardware and software to deliver a first-class VR experience went on display at VR & AR World, June 13th-15th at ExCeL London. Through StarVR, users could use ZeroLight to digitally explore, configure and interact with the entire Pagani Huayra range of vehicles with exceptional clarity. Such an experience was a showcase of truly premium virtual reality, yielding strong interest from delegates over three days.

During each session, user data was tracked through ZeroLight's analytics platform, Wisdom. Wisdom VR allows brands to understand the user journey, tracking the movements of the HMD over time whilst monitoring where on the car the user is looking and for how long. Data relating to configurations, time on configuration and total sessions over timed intervals is also captured. Once aggregated, it can be applied as a heatmap to show data density, highlighting the most viewed features of each vehicle for single, multiple or all users. Such heatmaps can be reapplied to any area of the vehicle for greater understanding on individual aspects, as well as the car overall.

Wisdom VR allows brands and agencies to:

  • Optimise or personalise marketing material
  • Optimise supply chain based
  • Optimise the experience design
  • Understand consumer behaviour (on a macro or micro level) to tailor the sales process

The show was a true display of how immersive technologies as a medium can drive new retail models at the point of sale, with both high-quality commercial hardware and software, whilst delivering unique, single user driven insight for brands that can further optimise marketing and supply chain activities. It also serves as a strong example of how ZeroLight can seamlessly integrate new, state-of-the-art hardware in an extremely short time scale, delivering original, high-quality user experiences to the modern marketplace.

クライアントZeroLight Labs
プロジェクトAR/VR, With Video