3 Nov

Google Cardboard Labs Project

As part of ZeroLight's campaign at Web Summit 2015 the Labs team undertook a project to create an App that could be used with the Google Cardboard headsets being given away as freebies to visitors of the booth. The project brought together the ZeroLight Live Shot solution, the Google Cardboard app, the branded cardboard headset and the Web Summit event booth into a campaign that demonstrated the power of portable, mobile-powered VR to drive brand engagement. Visitors to the booth were able to take away a free ZeroLight-branded Google Cardboard and download a free app through which they could view and configure the Pagani Huayra car.

The App
The Google Cardboard App utilised the capability of ZeroLight's Live Shot solution to create VR-ready images directly from a real-time scene. Each of the 3D stereoscopic-effect images used in the App were generated using a specialised camera within a real-time scene of the Pagani Huayra and uploaded to the phone being used with the headset. Since the image generation process is so efficient a huge quantity and variety of images could be stored on the phone, creating an engaging and varied experience for users to explore and configure the car. A simple but effective UI mechanism integrated the Cardboard's input button, through which the conductive "lever" simulated a touch to the screen which allowed the user to make selections or change the image.

Branded ZeroLight Cardboard Headset

The Cardboard
The Google Cardboard included ZeroLight branding and a QR code giving users a simple way to download the App. Giving away hundreds of free headsets proved to be an effective way to increase booth visits, engagement and social media mentions, all contributing to the event's return on investment.

The Event
Web Summit is one of the largest, most vibrant and exciting events for a tech start up to attend. The ZeroLight booth's centre piece was a large-format 4K Ultra HD demonstration of the in-store configurator solution featuring the Pagani Huayra. Complementing the large-screen interactive demo were VR experiences including the Google Cardboard app and a live demonstration of our Cloud Configurator solution.

Three ideas for how the ZeroLight Google Cardboard solution can be used to raise brand or product engagement:

  • Sync with a ZeroLight real-time 3D configurator in-store or online to view the exact configuration from the screen in the VR headset.
  • Send the customer's new car configuration to a branded app, which they can view at home via a Google Cardboard device that they are given free at the showroom or event.
  • Mass-giveaways of branded Google Cardboard devices around the launch of a new model, allowing users to explore the car in VR at home through a free App.

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