7 Sep

Augmented Reality as part of our unified visualisation platform

The Commercial Challenge: Augmented Reality at Scale

Whilst AR is coming to market it faces a common challenge; how can it be incorporated to enhance operations in a scalable, cost effective way. Barriers to entry typically include operational, production or software development alterations that add a dependency on resource and finance.

At ZeroLight, one of our key focusses with augmented reality is supporting it as part of our automated, unified platform. Our software is built with a universal approach to hardware, supporting an array of devices to any standard with a single product model and background process. This Labs project demonstrates how emerging AR devices have been incorporated into ZeroLight's platform.

Our team tackled both approaches to AR as part of this Labs project. Tethered AR, with devices such as Meta 2 that utilise a PC for rendering, and Mobile AR, harnessing everyday consumer devices through ARKit and ARCore.

Tethered AR: Meta 2

Tethered headsets

Our Meta 2 developments show how brands can add tethered AR to their commercial approach, engaging customers in-store, at events or bespoke pop-ups with immersive, high quality experiences. With configuration and interaction of holograms taking place outside of the enclosed nature of a virtual reality headset, augmented reality headsets offer a more accessible route to consumer uptake, allowing perception of the real world alongside the virtual.

The Meta 2 currently has the largest field of view of any head mounted AR device. Combined with high quality visualisation software, it lends itself to a range of commercial and retail applications.

As part of ZeroLight's unified suite of solutions, Meta 2 outputs the same high-poly, fully configurable cars as any other device within the ecosystem. This makes tethered AR scalable whilst lowering barriers to entry. Upon introduction to market, brands will be able to leverage the high-quality graphics of ZeroLight to deliver compelling automotive experiences.

Mobile AR: ARKit and ARCore

Our Mobile AR solution, available for both iOS and Android devices through ARKit and ARCore, demonstrates the capability to accurately and realistically place a 3D car model in the user's own surroundings, such as in their home or on their driveway. This extension of the current cloud-powered home experience, seeing the car in a personal context, significantly enhances a brand's ability to reach and connect with its customers through engaging experiences away from the showroom.

Designed with a unified, smart customer journey in mind, our Cloud rendering technology and infrastructure enables brands to add an "AR Mode" to their online car configurator. Customers can explore, interact with and configure the same car from their web session in an AR experience from the comfort of their own home.

Deployment at scale, across all models and all markets is made possible due to the use of the same high-poly, fully-configurable model as the rest of our solutions, empowering brands to add Mobile AR to their customer experiences without additional modelling or process overhead.

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