30 Nov

Porsche Concept Mission E VR Experience

Slush 2017 showcased the first collaboration between ZeroLight and Porsche, bringing the Concept Mission E to life through Virtual Reality. Taking place Nov 30th - Dec 1st, delegates climb inside the driver's seat of Porsche's vision of the future and discover the digital cockpit that is set to define interaction with the all-electric sports car.

Porsche wanted a solution to bring customers closer to the concept vehicle. With virtual reality, customers are totally immersed in a virtual world, allowing them to explore digital vehicles on a 1:1 scale in a highly engaging way.

It was imperative that the experience was streamlined to deliver the core features of a VR experience whilst incorporating Porsche's final stand design for Slush. With the structure defined, the VR experience had to consider movement with regards to real world geometry and remain accessible to all users. It was therefore important to consider HMD requirements, as an external tracking system was not appropriate. Microsoft's inside-out tracking on their Mixed Reality range of headsets provided stable and consistent tracking, without the need of external sensors. As an omnichannel platform, ZeroLight was optimised to accommodate Microsoft's new range of Mixed Reality headsets, maximising performance with a short turn-around time. This allowed for seamless integration of the VR experience with the booth, without compromising the premium design and build.

As a seated experience, users are guided into the vehicle's driver's seat through its unique side double doors. Upon starting the Concept Mission E, the new 3D dynamic display is triggered, introducing key driver functions around connectivity, performance, drive, energy and chrono. Users can continue to explore the full futuristic interior of the vehicle, inspecting new design features in place as a result of innovation in all-electric driving, such as the lack of a transmission tunnel.

"Our collaboration with ZeroLight is part of an accelerated process of innovation, ensuring Porsche customers receive a personal, high-quality experience wherever they are."

"With the Mission E, it's important to engage our audience on how we're adapting key principles to the all-electric future, retaining the spirit and passion of the sports car."

Dr. Christian Knoerle
Project Leader Strategy & Innovation, Porsche AG

Slush is a non-profit movement founded to change attitudes towards entrepreneurship, celebrating a community that builds skills whilst providing access to international venture capital. It fosters discussions around new ideas and concepts that are set to change society.

The Porsche Mission E VR experience takes inspiration from user reaction to drive new features over time. Such an approach will deliver multiple ways of understanding the concept vehicle, delivering a highly engaging, immersive brand proposition.

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