5 Jan

ZeroLight and Nissan at CES 2018

Nissan's focus on innovation saw them at the world's biggest tech show: CES. Located within Tech East, Las Vegas Convention & World Trade Centre, North Hall, Booth 5431, their showcase included a focus on the new Nissan LEAF electric vehicle, winner of the "CES Best of Innovation" award for Vehicle Intelligence and Self-Driving Technology. Taking place between January 9th-12th, CES attracted more than 170,000 delegates from 150 countries

To provide an interactive demonstration around the new Nissan LEAF, ZeroLight & Nissan collaborated on the development of a connected augmented reality experience. Designed to integrate with the powertrain of the new electric vehicle on display, ZeroLight's automated model optimisation process for Mobile AR solutions was used to harness the new Nissan LEAF model already available in ZeroLight's platform. Using an iPad, the US specification of the new Nissan LEAF appeared on top of the powertrain, allowing users to specify their vehicle within their real-world environment.

To share user preference with others on the stand, the augmented reality app was connected to a 4K configurator to display every choice in real-time on a UHD 4K screen. The environment within the 4K configurator provided an alternative context for the vehicle, delivering a new perspective for viewing each configuration in stunning detail.

"Together with Nissan, we developed a unique demo which integrates two cutting-edge technologies to truly showcase Nissan's latest EV. CES was the perfect place to deliver a new connected experience to discover such an innovative vehicle."

François de Bodinat
Chief Marketing Officer

Related Project: The new Nissan LEAF VR experience

The CES 2018 AR deployment follows the launch of the new Nissan LEAF VR experience, which showcased at Nissan Crossing, Ginza, Japan in 2017.

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