Less than a year since outfitting and moving to Live Works, ZeroLight's team and studio have both been recognised by national awards bodies for the company's first-class working environment. In recent weeks, ZeroLight has won the Lotus Award for Company Culture and Employee Engagement, whilst being shortlisted as finalists in the EE Employee Engagement Awards at the start of the year. Their Quayside home, Live Works, has been credited with three RIBA Awards in the North East, North East Regional, and North East Conservation categories alongside a RIBA national award, having already claimed a Civic Trust Award earlier this year. These accolades come in the same year that ZeroLight won the Judges' Award for Innovation and was recognised as one of the top 10 fastest growing technology companies at the Northern Tech Awards, won a BVCA Management Team Award, the Innovation & Excellence Award for Sustained Excellence in 3D Automotive Technology, and was a finalist in The Techies' retail and e-commerce innovators of the year category.

ZeroLight's focus on collaborative innovation and employee development has seen multiple initiatives and incentives put in place over the last year, not least the move to the multi-million-pound development Live Works. The company's relocation to the Flanagan Lawrence designed offices brought with it a number of fresh adaptations to the working culture, including the [email protected] blog which draws the community's attention to individual achievements and activities, whilst expressing the company's love for the local area and its vibrant tech scene. With dramatic views of the Quayside, Live Works' Tyne-facing terrace is stocked with a range of complimentary refreshments and entertainment to encourage healthy eating and provide a space for employees to organically come together. Additionally, after work clubs have been created, and more flexible working hours have also been implemented to facilitate the uptake of social and sporting activities, designed to further enhance staff wellbeing. This focus on employee engagement has proved to be a catalyst for the company's continued growth, helping to attract new employees and ensure that the working environment remains a fertile breeding ground for innovation.

The local economy has also benefited from ZeroLight's novel approach to working life: a network of offers and discounts has been established with nearby businesses to incentivise ZeroLight employees within the vicinity. Recognition for the company's work has come from regional press as well as awards ceremonies, with the studio being praised as one of the best in the region and a "none-more-fun place to work" by the Newcastle Chronicle.

Arwen Duddington, ZeroLight's Chief Operating Officer, said "at ZeroLight, we value innovation first, and we are immensely proud that our efforts to apply the same level of innovation to our working culture as our products is being noticed both locally and nationally. The impact of working culture on performance cannot be overstated: in order to stay ahead of the curve and remain market leaders, it is vital that our work place is conducive to continued original thought and development. We are delighted to be recognised in this regard alongside our pioneering products."

Joseph Artgole
Associate Marketing Director, ZeroLight
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About ZeroLight
ZeroLight is the market leading omnichannel visualisation platform for the automotive industry. Pioneering real-time 3D solutions for retail, online and asset creation; ZeroLight empowers OEMs to sell smarter and engage customers with interactive product experiences that enhance the buying process. For more information about the company, go to: zerolight.com