Visualisation pioneers ZeroLight have announced the launch of their thought-leadership initiative, delivering analysis and interpretation on a range of emerging trends that directly influence the automotive sector. Recognised as a pioneer within the industry, ZeroLight have won several national and international awards alongside critical acclaim for the commercial success of their applications. Such recognition includes being identified as the most disruptive technology company in the UK alongside a Gold Tier International Business Award.

"Our definitive position within the industry gives us a unique perspective on the shape of the modern market and the reasons behind changing consumer behaviour." said Joseph Artgole, Associate Marketing Director at ZeroLight. "We aim to share our understanding and innovation with the wider retail market, encouraging a shared vision as to the future of experiential retail."

The first white paper to be issued discusses ZeroLight's critically acclaimed cloud technology, examining the rise of digitalisation within the automotive retail sector and how the modern car purchase journey has been delivered online using revolutionary techniques that have been adopted by global brands.

Download the White Paper:
Harnessing Cloud Technology to Drive Engagement Online


Joseph Artgole
Associate Marketing Director, ZeroLight
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