ZeroLight, the creator of the world's most advanced digital 3D car configurator, has confirmed it will be exhibiting at Web Summit 2015, which takes place in Dublin from November 3rd - 5th.

The UK tech company will share with the 30,000 attendees at the technology conference how it has empowered major car brands to digitalise their customer journey and adapt to changing consumer trends. The result is a more cost-effective and engaging car buying experience, promoting higher specification purchases and offering customers a way to explore and configure the exact car they are buying.

ZeroLight's technology is a response to the increasing expectations of the digital generation, who demand more from showroom and website experiences. This year the company announced new partnerships with Audi AG and Italian supercar manufacturer, Pagani, having previously completed virtual showroom projects for Jaguar Land Rover. ZeroLight is also working with several more, as yet unannounced automotive manufacturers.

The automotive industry's keen interest in ZeroLight is prompted by the ‘tech heavy/asset light' nature of the company's advanced, digital car configurator. Real-time visualisation technology presents a live, interactive 3D car to the customer via a wide range of formats including Ultra HD 4K displays, interactive touch screens, tablets, virtual reality headsets and web. Customers can explore a manufacturer's entire catalogue of cars, creating ‘their car' rather than accepting a standard showroom model. The ZeroLight digital configurator works across multiple devices in and out of the showroom, delivering consistency regardless of location. Vehicle manufacturers have the additional benefit of being able to update their virtual showrooms using the Cloud without waiting for a physical model to be available.

ZeroLight CEO Darren Jobling believes that his company's technology will play a pivotal role in the digitalisation of car sales, with forward-thinking brands expected to devote 20-30% of showroom space to digital experiences by the end of 2016.

"Web Summit is the ideal venue to showcase our technology and share our innovations with the tech world," commented Jobling. "ZeroLight will be right at home alongside the other disruptive and exciting technology companies attending."

ZeroLight will showcase its advanced digital 3D car configurator at booth M813, with team members available throughout the summit for demonstrations and interviews.