#ZLSocial returned with a twist last Friday - we had our first pub quiz social!

But before we got to the quiz, there was, of course, pizza!

After we'd all eaten our bodyweight (and yet somehow hardly made a dent in the seemingly endless piles of boxes), it was time for the quiz to begin.

The brains behind our monthly socials, Danny, had spent hours writing (definitely not googling…) a comprehensive set of questions to test even the brainiest of brainboxes ZeroLight has to offer.

With questions ranging from ‘Do snakes have eyelids?' to ‘Which English king was killed in The Battle of Bosworth Field in 1485?', there really was something for everyone!

After four rigorous rounds, we had our winners! Introducing the reining champions: Simon, Cathy, Vika, and Jonathan, seen here celebrating with the prestigious ZLQuiz trophy.

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