What was the attraction to attend GTC?
It's great to have the opportunity to attend a big tech show like GTC. There's usually such a breadth of talks that it's easy to find something that's relevant to my role as Software Engineer specialising in Graphics at ZeroLight. My fellow developer Jordan from our Cloud Team similarly found there were a lot of really beneficial talks to support his work. Plus the show was in Amsterdam which gave me a great opportunity to pop home to visit my parents who live nearby!

[Jordan] I went primarily to listen to the Nvidia GRID-related talks, which were predominantly about remote desktops and thin clients, though it was still relevant as the challenges are similar to what I work on. For instance, they need to be responsive, delivering video frames over the internet with no buffer, at as close to real-time as possible.

What sorts of demos did you try on the conference floor?
There were lots of demos on show in the VR village. Some looked great such as the demo which showed how different animals viewed the world (such as dragonfly, owl, frog) but often the tech didn't match the visuals (lots of crashes!). I was impressed with one demo that rendered a very large scene on a DGX-1 card from NVIDIA. There were also a lot of great robots on the show floor including a learning robots that you could teach to recognise objects and drones mapping a model city.

[Jordan] The virtual reality and deep learning AI demos were really interesting and as they're both gaining a lot of momentum it's great to be able to see them live.

Were the talks beneficial to the work you're doing with ZeroLight?
Most of these talks were very interesting and I learned a lot. Many weren't directed towards the real time 3D rendering work I do but focussed on IRay (which requires very powerful Cloud PCs). I saw a lot of potential for improving speed by trading accuracy and implementations that will be useful like stereo panorama renders and high quality photorealistic renders of images.

What else was of interest to you?
The VR and web (NVIDIA, IKEA) solution talks were very interesting as well. They faced similar challenges and it was great to see what solutions they came up with and how these compared to our own. It was also very motivating for myself to experience the GTC and to find that people were very familiar with ZeroLight and the innovative work we're doing.

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