For the past 9 years I have been working at the Tyneside Cinema, I began as the Technical Manager and implemented the change from Analogue to Digital Projection as well as install the Cinema Automation Systems. After a few years of running the Technical Team I became the Head of Operations and helped create the Trading Company which expanded dramatically over the last 4 years. I loved my time at the Cinema but eventually my role was 80% based in the hospitality sector and I really missed working with technical equipment. As the Cinema has close ties to Live Theatre I knew about ZeroLight and the building. I kept a close eye on the careers page to see if something suitable role would pop up, I was desperate to move back into a job that involved technology and was really excited about the opportunity of the travel as it's something I was brought up doing.

I've been with ZeroLight for almost 5 months now, I work in the Demo Team which consists of Ian, Harry and Myself. I've started working to help organise the equipment we have, the logistics of the various demos and ensuring the team has everything we need to guarantee a smooth and well-presented demo.

I have two young children (3 year old boy and 5 month old girl), so like all Fathers, hobbies are now dead to me. However, I love Whisky, so when I do have a chance to do something for myself, I go to whisky tasting events. My family have a fun little side project of selling whisky through a company we set up (after a particularly boozy Xmas pic). It's called ‘Scotch and Scales' and started selling last year. We currently sell a single malt (Love Luck Laughter) and a blend (Electric Soup) to family and friends. I also like to play golf and try to watch rugby matches like 6 nations at Murrayfield and the Falcons at Kingston Park.

I've travelled quite a bit already in my new role. So far, I've been a few places in UK, San Francisco, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Bologna, Modena, Turin and Ingolstadt. I think my favourite Event was ISE in Amsterdam. It was super busy, time flew by and people were super impressed with the demo.

There are so many things I already enjoy about working at ZeroLight, and the people here are lovely which is important. The technologies and facilities are awesome, having worked for a charity for so long it's nice to have state of the art resources to work with. In the short amount of time that I've been out of the country representing ZeroLight you wouldn't believe the number of compliments that we get about our products, the visualisations and what we are doing as a business. I think everyone should get the chance in the company to do what I do as it is extremely motivating and gives you great perspective of what the business is doing within the industry.