StarVR, the leader in premium virtual reality for enterprise, and ZeroLight, creator of the world's most advanced car configurator solution, today announced a collaboration to showcase the world's most exciting, state-of-the-art VR showroom experience featuring Porsche vehicles. The companies will be demonstrating this compelling commercial VR encounter -- enabled by the next-generation StarVR One headset unveiled earlier today -- in the StarVR Booth #421 at SIGGRAPH 2018.

Immersive VR experiences allow automotive customers to configure and explore their vehicle on a 1:1 scale, at every stage of the buying journey: before, during and post-purchase. This gives customers the ability to get as close as possible to their potential vehicle before production, providing a strong incentive to visit the dealership. But until now, VR showroom experiences have been constrained due to the use of consumer-grade VR hardware which is limited in both image clarity and field of view.

Recognizing the need for a next-generation VR platform with the capabilities to realize the full potential of VR showrooming, ZeroLight has collaborated with StarVR to unleash a ground-breaking new application that leverages StarVR's latest enterprise-orientated headset, offering a 210-degree panoramic field-of-view - nearly 100% of natural human vision. The StarVR One uses its proprietary full RGB AMOLED display, designed specifically for VR, to serve more than 16-million full RGB sub-pixels at a refresh rate of 90 frames-per-second. Alongside these visual advancements, the headset offers eye-tracking, facilitating both user understanding and interaction, as well as foveated rendering.

The VR experience showcases the new Porsche Cayenne Turbo on the streets of Ginza, Japan. Delegates can customize the vehicle to their preference while interacting with multiple features, such as the doors, trunk and accessories. The full capabilities of ZeroLight's visualization software will be shown through the headset, delivering a life-like experience of a delicately detailed vehicle that reflects the proposition of the brand for automotive customers to enjoy.

A demonstration of ZeroLight's analytics product, ‘Wisdom,' will also be available, utilizing the headset's integrated eye-tracking capabilities to deliver an understanding of real-time customer behaviour. This provides tremendous value and insight to brands looking to understand and improve how customers interact with products.

"StarVR One offers brands and agencies a new tool and technology to completely immerse customers in exceptional stories and experiences. The combination of unmatched field-of-view and custom AMOLED displays and lens -- delivering almost invisible pixels -- enables a near complete and seamless envelopment into the virtual world. Together with the eye gazing data gathering supported by StarVR One's integrated eye tracking, users have a never-felt-before sense of presence that sets the bar for the next wave of premium VR experiences." - Guillaume Gouraud, Industry Relations and Business Development Europe, StarVR Corporation.

"We continually innovate to offer market-leading solutions that drive customer engagement. With StarVR, we can finally showcase the quality of our solution to its full potential in virtual reality, delivering stunning immersive experiences that will bring users even closer to their dream car." - Francois de Bodinat, CMO, ZeroLight.

SIGGRAPH takes place between August 12th and 16th at the Vancouver Convention Centre.

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Chief Marketing Officer, ZeroLight
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Associate Marketing Director, ZeroLight
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Lutz Public Relations and Marketing (for StarVR, Inc.)
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StarVR Corporation is dedicated to the innovation of professional virtual reality solutions, with a focus on high-end enterprise applications and location-based entertainment. At the core of its commercial solutions sits the StarVR head-mounted-display (HMD). The next-generation StarVR® One headset features an industry-leading 210-degree field-of-view and integrated eye tracking, proprietary full RGB AMOLED displays with 16 million sub-pixels and custom designed lenses. Founded as a joint venture between Acer and Starbreeze, StarVR Corporation is listed on the emerging stock board of the Taipei Exchange (TPEx: 6681). The company is headquartered in Taipei, with presence in Los Angeles, Paris and Stockholm.