Real-time 3D visualisation specialist ZeroLight today announced that it is working with AUDI AG on range of visualisation projects which are set to benefit from their revolutionary real-time 3D capabilities.

The projects, which include next generation and cutting edge display technologies, will all be served by ZeroLight's cross-platform real-time 3D visualisation technology.

Darren Jobling, ZeroLight CEO, believes that his company's suite of technologies will transform the automotive industry. "ZeroLight is generating enormous interest as we enable a richer and more engaging buying and selling experience" said Jobling. "Audi revolutionised the car purchasing process with the launch of their innovative Audi City dealerships and we're very proud to be supporting them build on that success."

ZeroLight enables a premium car configuration experience with a level of interaction that was previously unobtainable. "By providing a solution that uniquely delivers graphical fidelity, a high frame rate and a rich feature set ZeroLight delivers a compelling customer experience that leads to increased sales and higher specification purchases", said Jobling.