Porsche and ZeroLight have provided a fully integrated customer journey that combines high-quality real-time visualisation with analytics to further personalise the car buying experience for both the customer and dealer. The concept allows the brand to deliver a scalable system that adapts to changing consumer preferences on both the front-end buying experience and dealership operations.

As part of a connected retail ecosystem, customers configure the Porsche Cayenne Turbo at home on any device via the cloud, with all upgrades and options at their disposal. Relevant packages are presented to them based on their preferences, providing a simple way to select accessories and product extras. Aggregated data can also drive a more informative purchase experience, allowing customers to compare their chosen vehicle against the preferences of others.

Once their configuration is complete, clients can visit their dealer and see their car on a range of premium devices, including immersive mediums and UHD screens. At the same time, the dealer accesses a suite of tools that allows them to see the customer's journey to the current configuration, including key interactions, activity and configuration choices. Combining both individual and aggregated data, the system provides the dealer with suggested options that are directly relevant to the customer whilst allowing them to create personalised interactive content tailored to the client on-demand, which can act as an engaging take-away for the customer as part of the sales process.

"The collaboration with ZeroLight on this project allowed us to create a concept that delivers a seamless experience that is both beautiful and unique for every customer. Dealers can understand and cater to each client's individual preferences as soon as they enter the dealership, building an even stronger on-going relationship that adds value to the car-buying experience." - Sebastian Oebels, Project Manager, Internet Car Configurator at Porsche AG

The solution will be delivered as part of Plug and Play's Start-up Autobahn, February 26th 2018, a 6 month accelerator. The joint deployment will feature a pitch from ZeroLight CMO Francois de Bodinat, discussing the approach to creating an experience that always adapts to changing consumer preference whilst ensuring every customer has a consistent and custom brand experience wherever they are.

"We have deployed compelling customer experiences worldwide for our clients. The challenge was how to take that further, maximising value for the brand and the customer. The interpretation of both aggregated and customer-specific data allows brands to deliver a more personal experience throughout the entire purchase journey, ensuring the customer always receives content that is relevant whilst allowing the dealer to adapt and provide a tailored experience to each person that enters the dealership." - Francois de Bodinat, CMO, ZeroLight.

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