Cadillac, General Motors, Google, and ZeroLight have partnered to bring a 3D and AR experience for the new Cadillac XT6 to users on Google. The experience enables Cadillac fans and current or potential customers to explore the XT6 in 3D and then place it in their physical space in AR, all directly from Google Search in Chrome. It is accessed via a clickable link in the first organic result in the google results page (SERP), removing the common requirement for an additional AR app.

"When someone Googles the XT6, they are looking to learn more about the vehicle and its features. Our aim with this project is to enhance this process by bringing an engaging, interactive experience to customers' fingertips, enabling them to explore the car in their real-world surroundings with one simple tap."

Matthew Acker, Manager - Digital Platforms, Cadillac

The project comes amidst technology-driven changes in the automotive purchase journey. With 97% of car-buyers researching vehicles online (Roland and Berger), the role of the dealership is shifting as customers are using the internet to make key decisions earlier in their journeys. Mobile plays a particularly important role in this. Accounting for 64% of all Google searches (Statista), the channel offers many unique opportunities for retailers to exploit, with AR emerging as one of the most powerful.

Many AR experiences are app based, however, which limits their impact at the early, interest stages of the purchase journey where customers are less likely to download content. With ARKit and ARCore now native to iOS and Android, an app is no longer necessary for top-of-funnel experiences. Using "Google's AR in Search", Cadillac has removed the requirement for any initial download of an app, maximising the potential impact of the solution and optimising it for customers who are just starting their purchase journeys on Google.

"It was a pleasure working alongside Cadillac, General Motors, and ZeroLight to bring a life-size 3D and AR version of the XT6 to Google Search. This project demonstrates why highly accessible, web-based experiences are the future of top-of-funnel customer engagement, and we're exceptionally excited to see the impact it has."

Michael Benedosso, Business Development & Partnerships, AR/Lens, Google

In order to maximise load speed, the 24,000-polygon model produced by ZeroLight for this experience is under 8mb. This is vital for any mobile solution, as the majority of mobile users will leave a page if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load (Google).

"At ZeroLight, we recognise the unique power of AR. This project is designed to amplify its impact by bringing it to the forefront and embedding it within the world's biggest search engine. Optimised for both scale and visual quality, the result demonstrates how the medium can be used to enhance brand-customer interactions at any stage."

Barry Hoffman, Chief Strategy Officer, ZeroLight

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Marketing Executive, ZeroLight
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