The eagerly anticipated Zwimbledon table tennis championship officially begins today, with 12 budding members of the ZeroLight team in the running for the coveted trophy, accompanying glory, and endless bragging rights.

How it works

The tournament will follow a simple knock-out format with first round winners proceeding to the ¼ finals and the two highest scoring 1st round losers playing off for a re-entry into the semi-final stage. The matches will be first to 21 points, with the final being best of 3 games (each game is first to 21 points).

1st round schedule and contenders


First up on Monday we've got an all marketing affair with the Marketing Director, Jason Collins, and Associate Marketing Director, Joseph Artgole, going head to head. After marketing's top dog has been decided, Cloud Project Engineer, Callum Scott, pits himself against a tournament favourite: Jack Fletcher, one of our Software Testers. The last match of the day sees James Studd, our new Associate Software Engineer, take on another top contender Technical Director, Simon Hardie.


Tuesday sees the second batch of 1st round matches, with Senior 3D Artist, Tom Leighton, facing Duarte Monteiro, an Associate Web Engineer here at Live Works. The other game on Tuesday sees the dual of the doctors: Dr Andrew Perella, table tennis hotshot and Director of Software Innovation, will play Dr Peter Davies, Technical Director.


This is the final day of 1st round play offs, with Matthew Thomson, Software Engineer, taking on Monica Dumencu, Software Engineer. The second game on Wednesday sees the two highest scoring 1st round losers playing off for a re-entry to the semi-final stage of the competition.

Schedule for rest of the tournament


¼ finals




The final.

Look out for our social media updates this week and our pre-final blog over the weekend to see how it all pans out!

Let the games begin!