While most of us ZeroLighters are based here at our Quayside HQ, we also have a studio over in Chengdu, China! Packed with artists and designers, these guys help us make sure our graphics are as sharp as possible.

Given the distance between our offices, it's really important to make sure we find time to visit each other and see how we're all getting on. As a Senior 3D Vehicle Artist in our Art Team, I helped organise the most recent of these visits, with three members of our Chengdu team coming over to join us here at Live Works - here's how it went!

To start things off after their 12-hour journey over from Chengdu, I thought we'd give our weary travellers free rein to explore Newcastle on their own, which of course meant an obligatory selfie in front of our iconic bridges.

Lunch with me and Mark on the Terrace followed. It wasn't quite as cold as it looks, but when it averages 26°C back in Chengdu, we may as well have been sat at the North Pole!

There's no such issues when you're in the middle of a heated game of table tennis, though!

It's safe to say Nick knows his way around a ping pong game, and it showed… François gave a good account of himself, but there was only one winner! Not to worry though, it was a friendly game - international relations are still intact…

But it wasn't just all fun and games: we still had some work to do, including the regular calls with the rest of the team back in Chengdu and a couple of tutorials about some new techniques for the environment work.

Ian and Arwen also demoed some of our latest projects, including the ICC concept which the Chengdu team spent a lot of time on!

With the work out of the way, it was time to see some more of the North East's famous sights! Up next, the magnificent Bamburgh Castle.

Having spent so long in our volumetric video VR environment of the famous Northumberland beach, it was incredible and a little bit surreal to head down to the shore and stand in the real place!

No day out at the British coast would be complete without a hearty portion of fish and chips!

To round off a great trip, Mark and his wife treated the team to some home cooking. I'm still waiting for my invite to turn up in the post…