What did you do before coming to ZeroLight?

Prior to ZeroLight I worked in a variety of different sectors such as manufacturing, healthcare and voluntary work for Durham County Council. During this time, I also developed skills in SQL reporting and graphical design, creating logos and website templates.

What attracted you to ZeroLight?

I first heard about ZeroLight through a friend over two years ago. From then I kept track of their development, watching them grow from strength to strength and evolving into the company they are today. As well as being a world leader in digital visualisation, the company's values, approach to working life and location all really appealed to me, making it the ideal company to work for.

What does your role involve?

I work with the rest of the IT team developing and maintaining ZeroLights complex IT infrastructure to ensure the network runs as efficiently and productively as possible. We also work with the other departments on new and upcoming projects including building the latest VR demo kits for world event.

What is the best thing about your role and what are you most looking forward to?

Working for a such a high-end tech company, it is amazing to use and work with the most cutting-edge technology out there. I have always had a keen interest in all aspects of technology and to have to opportunity to work in such a tech rich environment is both inspiring and motivating. Not one day is ever the same at ZeroLight and I look forward to contributing to helping the company further evolve.

What's the culture like here?

Work life at ZeroLight is like nothing I've experienced before. Although each department is hard working there is a relaxed atmosphere throughout the entire company which helps bring out the best in everyone. There is plenty of opportunity to socialise and get to know colleagues, from table tennis and pool, flexible lunch breaks and after work social events. Which has all helping me feel like part of the team.

What new skills have you developed / are you developing?

Although I've only been working with ZeroLight for a short time I've already gained a great amount of knowledge. My main focus has been getting up to speed with ZeroLight's complex network and gaining knowledge on how the systems operate. Aside from that I've also had the opportunity to take on my own projects, developing a new starter app in SharePoint and helping implement a new IT helpdesk solution.