What's your background?

I have a background in software design and production, specifically computer games. Prior to my employment at ZeroLight I was a Producer for a software company; planning, managing and delivering projects tailored to different platforms and users.

Why ZeroLight?

ZeroLight continually works with the latest graphics and VR technologies. There is no mundane or "safe zone" that the company clings to, instead it leaps into the novel and the unknown.

What does the role of Project Coordinator involve?

I communicate with Project and Team Leads, gathering project-related metrics and statuses and collating raw data into high-level reports which are tailored to the end user.

Describe your typical day

I manage projects every day and this involves tracking the development of internal products for the company and tracking all resources within projects. I also produce project metrics that are tracked via an array of tools specific to our clients and our products.

A big part of my role is generating reports which means taking the raw metrics and shaping these into a comprehensive report, these will be used both internally and with clients.

I also support production processes and am keen to develop production tools that plan and track the development of our products effectively.

What skills have you developed?

I have had the opportunity to develop my hard and soft skills with the support of the Production team and the processes in place to up-hold the company's projects. My role has allowed me to develop my communication styles, my thoroughness and accuracy within my work, and my flexibility towards my workload. I believe these attributes to be vital to a Project Coordinator.

What's the culture like here?

ZeroLight has created a flexible and supportive working environment for its employees. The best part of working for ZeroLight is that everyone in the company is approachable; from the CEO to the developers, everyone wants to share and communicate what they are working on currently.

With flexible working hours and a longer lunch break, I'm able to go running or swimming throughout the week and keep up with my fitness.