Last week we welcomed over 100 students to our LiveWorks home from various universities and colleges around the region for a selection of new studio tours.

We have run successful tours with various universities for many years, but this year we've opened these events up to more establishments and welcomed students from a range of different courses.

First up were Newcastle Business School with students from their MA in Entrepreneurship. They were particularly interested in learning about how we foster innovation as a company and our Talent Development Manager Erin started the tour with some insights on this, before taking them through a range of demos which really sparked their excitement in how innovative tech is changing the way businesses interact with the customer base. It was great to host students from a completely different degree area than our usual technical tours as they had great insight into the role of immersive tech in brand strategies and asked some great questions on issues like data and digital marketing strategies.

We also welcomed Sunderland University for the first-time last week, with students attending from their Game Development and Computer Science courses. Our Software Engineers Andrew and Alvaro were on hand to give insight into their experiences at ZeroLight and their tips to get applications noticed when it came to graduation.

Finally Thursday saw the first visit to ZeroLight from the NextGen Skills Academy which offers full- time level 3 courses at selected further education colleges - giving students a great start in fields such as Games, Animation and Visual Effects. We welcomed students from both Sunderland and Middlesbrough colleges studying towards the NextGen qualification. We were delighted to do this, having taken on our first student from the Sunderland course last year, Kelly, who is currently working as an Associate Software Engineer within our Tech Team.

It was great to have Kelly give her insight to the group of over 50 students. She talked about her own experience on the course and the knowledge she took forward to her first industry role at ZeroLight. Importantly she also discussed all the extra-curricular activities that the students could start getting involved with now to make them standout when they started to apply for roles.

Over the week it was brilliant to talk to the students about their interests and how they could develop these. The feedback from the groups was brilliant with quotes like:

"Zerolight has some really interesting technology that I hadn't considered games art and programming skills could be used for - I'd love to learn more about what they do there! The team and environment were all really lovely and this is definitely a place I would like to work in the future!" Miles, 1st year NextGen student

"It's reassuring to know there are other companies using the skills that games studios use that aren't games! The studio atmosphere was really friendly and it was great to meet and talk with the developers there. I really like the range of technology they use at Zerolight and the way they approach it creatively. It's definitely opened my eyes to areas in the wider industry." Scott, 2nd year NextGen student

We're looking forward to hosting more events and encouraging more students to consider a career in tech in the coming months.