6 Aug

Pagani Configurator and Rules Engine

ZeroLight is the end-to-end digital retail provider to Pagani. This includes providing advanced real-time 3D visualisation technology but also the configuration and rules engine which provides the back-end of the solution, ensuring the many billions of market-correct configurations are available to customers around the world in Pagani dealerships.

"Our vehicles are recognized as being the most complex and detailed in the industry, with many different materials. Thus we required a very capable 3d engine to visualize the Pagani product faithfully."

Hannes Zannon
Marketing Director, Pagani

Pagani required a configuration and rules engine to match the levels of personalisation and customisation available with their exclusive cars, together with a range of additional features which would allow configurator to become a seamless and valuable part of the customer journey.

An Advanced Configuration Engine with Support for Extensive Customisation
ZeroLight's configurator and rules engine solution supports the billions of configuration options available on Pagani models along with the complexities of multiple interior and exterior layouts. From swapping entire model variants to applying the finest details such as the type of carbon fibre, the anodizing tone or the finish of the dials, the ZeroLight rules engine works in tandem with the real-time 3D visualisation solution to allow the customer to view any option, on any car, in any dealership.

The capability to simply add new configuration data
As configuration options are added to the Pagani range, the ZeroLight solutions manages the automatic updating of dealership solutions through secure Cloud updates. This allows each customer touch point to always have the latest market-correct options and is also the mechanism through which new cars and model variations are distributed to dealers.

A dealership management system
To manage the requirements of regions, countries and specific dealerships, ZeroLight's rules and configuration solution supports the enabling and disabling of content at multiple levels of granularity. This allows Pagani to manage the technical and demand-based differences between dealerships automatically as an integrated part of their digital solution.

Bring the dealership and Italian HQ together in a seamless customer journey
A hallmark of Pagani's unique buying journey is the level of personalisation available for each order by the HQ in Italy. Through this service customers can order customised designs and modifications to the base car, providing for virtually limitless customisation. The ZeroLight solution supports the distribution of customised designs from the Pagani team at HQ to for customers to view at their local dealer. Customised designs, materials and vinyls are downloaded and applied to the virtual car at a dealership, providing an integrated process of collaboration with the customer.

The Configurator App
Built by ZeroLight with design collaboration by Pagani the Configurator App syncs with the big screen experience to allow dealership staff and customers to explore and configure the car. It includes functionality to change the camera, configuration options and to activate features such as animating doors, as well as dealer/customer logins for saving configurations across multiple visits. Also available is the ability to request a mood board featuring the customer's personalised car, which is generated in real-time from the live configurator scene.