7 Jan

Silver Arrow

The Auto Union Silver Arrow is a 1930s racing legend which was recreated by the ZeroLight team as an ultra-high quality 3D model, ready for use with real-time 3D experiences such as virtual reality.

Building the virtual Silver Arrow car
The Silver Arrow project is a demonstration of the power of digitalisation and virtual reality to showcase limited edition, or in this case unique cars, to a wider audience. The virtual version, which is available to use across the entire ZeroLight omnichannel, brings the iconic car to a global audience through digital experiences including 4K Ultra HD displays and virtual reality headsets.

As a one-of-a-kind car it presented a new set of challenges for the ZeroLight Car Team, since the project requirement was not to showcase a "factory-new" model, but an exact virtual replica of the car in the Audi Museum. This included the unique and historical wear and tear on the car, such as scrapes, scratches, weld marks and imprints from the driver's grip on the steering wheel.

In addition to the unique exterior and cockpit, the ZeroLight team modelled a highly detailed and accurate virtual version of the engine, allowing users of the experience to see and explore under-the-hood.

All of this was made possible through exclusive access to the car for detailed reference and photography, providing the ZeroLight team with the necessary information and resources to faithfully recreate the car and its unique condition.

Use in the Audi Walking VR Experience
The virtual Silver Arrow was first available for press and public viewing at CES ‘16 and later GTC '16 as part of the Audi Walking VR demonstration.

The experience showcased the car in a number of live, dynamic environments including the Moon and allowed the user to explore the car in virtual reality with complete freedom, including inspecting under the hood, which virtually "peeled away" as they approached it to reveal the engine.

Users of the Audi Walking VR demonstration with the Silver Arrow are treated to a unique experience that just a handful of people can experience with the real car; the freedom of unrestricted, close up, detailed time with one of automotive history's most exciting and iconic cars.

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