Resolution is extremely important for showing the fine details that are unique to our clients' designs, so ZeroLight offer a range of different outputs. But pixel density comes with many challenges, especially when targeting high real-time frame rates.

Name Resolution Number of Pixels
720p 1280x720 921,600
1080p 1920x1080 2,073,600
4k 3840x2160 8,294,400
8k 7680x4320 33,177,600
12k 11520x4320 49,766,400

Rendering 8K at 60fps results in 2 billion pixels a second (1,990,656,000) - that's 16x more pixels than 1080p at 60fps!

The video below highlights the level of detail change as you increase resolution. It shows a zoomed in view of the Pagani badge which was captured from the area in the red box shown in the image above in 4 resolutions, from 720p to 8K.

When zooming into the image on the display, the extra detail you get at higher UHD resolutions becomes very clear. Many fine details that wouldn't be visible at all at lower resolutions become clear when the model is at 1:1 scale on the video wall display. This produces a cleaner image that is similar to viewing physical objects with the human eye.

At ISE 2019, we partnered with LG Electronics to show the next generation of digital signage and interactive retail displays. The showcase featured a highly detailed and fully configurable Audi e-tron on a 10K OLED video wall which was made up of 5 portrait 4K OLED displays.

We were able to display this real-time content across multiple displays using the power of NVIDIA's Quadro GPUs and MOSAIC, which remove the need for a signal splitting device.

The displays are perfectly synced, even when using multiple GPUs on video walls with more than 4 displays. The image above shows the setup running with 2 GV100 GPUs.

We have pushed this further and created a 12K video wall system to highlight virtual configurations and immerse the user in a real-time visualisation without the need for a head mounted display. Amazingly, this display is 24x the resolution of a 1080p display and can be used to configure a digital twin of any model in real time at 1:1 scale!

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