Multi award-winning visualisation specialists ZeroLight have announced the launch of their new Internship Program. Whilst the company has taken on Graduates since its inception in 2014 with great success, the new program will branch out to include university placements, short term internships and a new initiative for those looking to move straight into work over higher-education.

"Our aim with the Internship Program is to provide students with the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in the fast-moving tech sector." Erin Turnbull, Talent Development Manager explains. "Increasingly we have found that students are emerging from university without the full suite of skills to flourish in a fast-paced, commercial setting. We wanted to address this with a comprehensive internship program that enhances the skills students are learning at university and college, whilst most importantly showing them how to apply these skills within live projects."

The program will include 3 streams - one specifically for Graduates that will run for 12 months, with the potential to lead to permanent employment for outstanding candidates. The second stream is specifically for students seeking a year in industry as part of a university or post-college placement. The final stream focuses on short-term internships that run for 3 to 6 months and concentrate on specialist R&D projects.

"It's difficult for university projects to replicate real world scenarios, so students aren't exposed to the challenges that really develop the problem-solving abilities needed to push the boundaries in the technology world. Gaining an internship in a high growth start-up like ZeroLight will nurture essential analytical skills whilst giving students access to the very latest, cutting-edge hardware."

Students completing internships with ZeroLight will be given the opportunity to work with their impressive portfolio of clients; including Audi, Pagani and Toyota, whilst also partnering with some of the world's biggest technology companies like Unity and NVIDIA. Training and mentoring will be available from some of the brightest minds in the country; a collective of veterans from multiple industries, including interactive entertainment, film and automotive.

"Our employees are at the very top of their chosen fields and relish passing on their knowledge to students on our Internship Program. Importantly, many of them have been through internships themselves, so they understand the concerns that students have and the challenges they'll face during the process."

Recruitment for the program begins in November 2016 with ZeroLight's Talent Development Team appearing at a range of events at universities across the country and hosting students for tours and presentations at their new state of the art studio on Newcastle Quayside.

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Joseph Artgole
Associate Marketing Director, ZeroLight
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Erin Turnbull
Talent Development Manager, ZeroLight
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E: [email protected]