ZeroLight, LG, and Audi have created an innovative automotive showcase for LG's transparent OLED signage, set to be unveiled at ISE, Amsterdam, 5th-8th February. Using a 55" transparent OLED touchscreen interface, delegates can configure and explore the Audi e-tron as it is displayed on a 10K video wall consisting of five 65" OLED screens located at the back of LG's demo booth. The digital user interface displayed on the transparent screen layers the controls onto the video wall behind, creating a uniquely engaging brand experience.

A fully dynamic concept, this project's use-cases include interactive signs, informative displays, and even complete configurators for entire car libraries. This means dealers and OEMs could have a highly flexible tool to address the declining number of dealership visits by encouraging interactions with both the brand and its products across a range of potential touch-points. This is enhanced by ZeroLight's omnichannel platform which uses the same ‘digital twin' assets in every solution. This significantly limits the development work, enhances consistency of experiences, and enables ZeroLight's partners to be more agile than their competitors.

"At Audi, we strive to deliver a purchase experience which is as premium as our cars, and we are always looking to embrace the latest technologies and advancements. This concept highlights this continued focus on ‘Vorsprung' in innovation not only in our products but also in our retail spaces." Thomas Orenz, Audi Visualisation Engine, Digital Content and Virtual Reality, Audi AG.

The showcase collaboration was achieved through dedicated efforts from both ZeroLight and LG. ZeroLight was chosen for its innovative approach and ability to deliver the highest quality real-time, automotive assets.

"LG's transparent OLED signage creates entirely new ways of interacting with the digital world. This showcase project with Audi and ZeroLight demonstrates one of the many exciting applications of this revolutionary technology." Kim Dong-pil, Vice President, Head of LG Information Display Overseas Sales & Marketing Division, LG Electronics

With these advanced screens, ZeroLight has been able to unlock more of its platform's potential. The self-lighting pixels on the 10K OLED signage video wall deliver perfect colours and blacks, and, with 33 million pixels on display, users will be able to enjoy even the smallest details of the e-tron on a 1:1 scale. In addition, the superior picture quality and wide viewing angle of the transparent OLED screen has enabled ZeroLight to create a seamless experience where the user can interact with the video wall without looking away from the content on display.

"Working with LG's latest display hardware, we have created something truly futuristic. Not only are customers able to compare the finest material details and variations in the e-tron's configuration options, but they are able to interact with the experience in a radically new and innovative way." Chris O'Connor, Technical Director, ZeroLight.

At the end of the experience, the user is directed to the e-tron cloud configurator, which was unveiled as part of the Audi e-tron machine learning showcase by ZeroLight, Audi, and AWS at CES 2019. Using machine learning and realtime anonymous user behaviour analysis, this concept proposes individually relevant recommendations to each customer, demonstrating that a personalised experience no longer requires personal information. These two projects come amidst Audi's global roll-out of its 3D cloud configurator to 25+ markets around the world.

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