ZeroLight, Pico Interactive, and Qualcomm Technologies Inc. are demonstrating boundless XR at EWTS at the Qualcomm Booth, #620, held at the Sheraton Dallas Hotel, Dallas, on 17-19th September. Designed to be a precursor to Boundless XR over 5G, the showcase demo is a fully wireless, untethered, walking VR experience that will enable delegates to configure and explore a range of Cadillac vehicles in high definition.

The experience is a demonstration of the Qualcomm Boundless XR for PC technology that will make untethered VR streaming over 5G possible in the near future. In order to replicate the high bandwidth and low latency of 5G at the event, all content is rendered on a PC and streamed directly into a Pico prototype headset via a local 60-GHz wireless connection.

With 5G, the render requirement for high-end XR experiences will move from local hardware to 5G Mobile Edge Compute (MEC) infrastructure. This move to ‘edge cloud' rendering will transform how users consume immersive content by giving mass-market customers access to enterprise-level processing power. What's more, the continued advancement of VR HMDs, with inside-out tracking and built-in connectivity, will enable users to simply unbox a headset and step into an ultra-high-resolution virtual world, free from any wires or tethers.

"We're excited to see boundless XR for PC, which we unveiled at GDC 2019, come to life with ZeroLight for this Cadillac VR showcase," said Brian Vogelsang, senior director of product management, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. "ZeroLight's enterprise-focused solution demonstrates significant commercial potential, especially as we lay the foundation for a 5G connected future which will help deliver immersive, untethered experiences that transform XR for the consumer and the enterprise."

As the world leader in 5G development, Qualcomm Technologies is working alongside Pico Interactive to spearhead the implementation of the technology into XR hardware. The two companies have collaborated to optimise split rendering techniques, allowing the experience to be rendered in both the PC and the HMD. This enables the headset to re-project the PC-rendered content to ensure the display accurately matches the user's current position, rather than their position a few milliseconds ago when the render request was sent to the PC.

"ZeroLight's Cadillac experience is the perfect solution to showcase our latest innovations and developments that will be coming to market later this year. Using the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chip and the 60-GHz access point, we have been able to push the quality of the content to a whole new level of realism."

Ennin Huang, VP of Design, Pico Interactive

With this focus on XR advancement, Qualcomm Technologies is also using EWTS to launch its new initiative, the Qualcomm® XR Enterprise Program (XEP), with ZeroLight and Pico Interactive amongst the inaugural members. The XEP is designed to bring XR technologies based on the Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ XR Platform together with enterprise solution providers to collaborate, innovate, and help drive AR and VR adoption in a range of industries.

"It is vital that we ensure our technology is optimised for both accessibility and scalability. This showcase, along with our inclusion in the XEP initiative, marks a significant step towards achieving this through the migration of our award-winning XR solutions into the edge cloud. With the imminent arrival of 5G, we will soon have the high bandwidth and low latency required to deliver this on live projects without reducing the quality of the experience."

Barry Hoffman, Chief Strategy Officer, ZeroLight

In the automotive sector, rendering experiences in the edge cloud will see the costly requirements of hardware, power consumption, and equipment storage move away from the dealership and into the cloud. This will solve the issues standing in the way of many large-scale XR roll outs. It will also enable the creation of a simple, transportable, and PC-free XR solution, which will offer dealers an unprecedented level of flexibility by removing almost all major hardware costs and constraints.

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