The internet has delivered profound ease of access to information. As a result, it now acts as the primary channel for 75% of the automotive customer journey. The dealership is no longer a vector for ‘discovery' but one of ‘validation,' lowering the influence of traditional touch points relating to product, price and promotion in-store. As a response, brands are deploying innovative product experiences to drive affinity amongst more informed, tech-savvy customers.

This year saw ZeroLight deliver premium real-time automotive visualisation via the cloud to any connected device. Proven to substantially increase user engagement and final basket value in live commercial environments vs 2D counterparts, the innovation has won both national and international awards, alongside critical acclaim.

This white paper delivers insight into the development, application and success of such technology. Analysis includes; the state of the market, the case for 3D visualisation and the methods involved in delivering fully configurable, highly detailed, interactive multi-million polygon product models to any device through the effective use of cloud technology.

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Harnessing Cloud Technology to Drive Engagement Online