As you (and anyone who even remotely knows my mum) will probably have heard by now, we won a National Tech Award!

As ZeroLight's Marketing Intern, it was my job to apply for the award, so I was lucky enough to get the golden ticket to head down south for the event - here's how it went!

After hanging on as we hurtled down the lightening-fast East Cost Mainline (I still can't believe it gets to King's Cross in less than 3 hours!), I arrived in sunny London and set off for my hotel.

With only a few hours to spare, I slipped into an outrageously swanky outfit that made me momentarily doubt my own reflection before psyching myself up to once again brave London's crazy rush-hour traffic - we're not used to this up north!

This was my first formal event, so I was absolutely blown away by all the glitz and glamour as soon as I walked through the door. I'd never seen so many sharp outfits!

With the obligatory champagne reception out of the way, we moved on through for the three-course meal, and what a meal it was! It looked so good it was almost too beautiful to eat - almost…

Before I knew it, it was time to dim the lights for the ceremony to begin. With a suitably flamboyant entry, on came comedian Alun Cochrane to formally kick off the awards.

After a tense wait through the first 6 awards, ‘VR Product of the Year' came up… and, as you've surely guessed by now, WE WON!

Carefully watching my every step to avoid a calamitous and very public fall, I joined the guys on stage and accepted our latest shiny trophy.

Whilst desperately trying not to look smug, I cheered on the next 20 winners (yep - there were a lot of awards!) before we all gathered for the mandatory team photo, where I somehow ended up pretty much front and centre.

After that, the ceremony drew to a close, and everyone moved over to the bar. But, with a bright and early train the next morning (and my inner-Yorkshireman's phobia of expensive drinks), I made my way back to the hotel at this point with every intention of a relatively early night.

Unfortunately for me, however, my plan was foiled by a minor fire scare at 3am…

But I did get to play Angry Birds on a tablet/table hybrid in a hotel foyer as we waited for the all clear: there always is a silver lining!

Rounding off an eventful but absolutely incredible trip: a thoroughly well-earned breakfast!