Now in its second year, Develop:VR is a great opportunity for developers, VR enthusiasts, and tech companies to network and showcase their work. We're always on the look-out for top tech talent, so we set off down to London for this year's event looking to entice the industry's best and brightest back up north to join the Newcastle tech scene!

Heading down to the Olympia Conference Centre with me was our Technical Director Chris, our Talent Development Manager Erin, and our Senior Software Engineer/Demo Team Manager Ian. Ian and I were driving down with the demo kit, with Erin and Chris coming down on the train to meet us later. Now, you might think that we'd drawn the short straws there, but you've never had the pleasure of hearing me DJ! There could be worse scenery to admire on the way, too.

After enjoying an outstanding selection of absolutely top tunes, we pulled up at the Olympia Conference Centre at just after 3 to set up the demo booth ready to amaze the crowds of VR enthusiasts the next day.

Once we'd applied the finishing touches to our booth, we set off for the hotel to meet up with Chris and Erin and get some well-earned rest before the big day!

We were up bright and early on Thursday morning, and after our quite frankly excessive breakfast buffet, we were raring to go! As the crowds began to build, we talked and demoed our way through scores of industry experts and exciting young prospects, catching up with our friends Hedgehog labs, Ultrahaptics, and Jeremy Dalton along the way too!

Then it was time for Chris to take the stage and talk the captivated audience through how we created our world class commercial VR experiences. Examples included some of our most recent projects with clients such as Audi, Pagani, and Nissan. What a great presentation it was too! One impressed reviewer said it was the "truest glimpse of the magic of VR" at the event, and it's hard to disagree!

Thanks to Chris' showstopper of a speech, the crowds began to build even more round our stand; we were rushed off our feet! Especially Erin - she was reduced to a blur she was moving that quickly (which definitely has nothing to do with my photography skills…).

As we worked our way through the endless sea of visitors, we were blown away by the passion and excitement everyone felt towards the industry. VR is only just getting started, and it's always great to talk to so many likeminded people who share our vision of its potential!

Before we knew it, the day had sadly drawn to a close, and as Erin and Chris dashed off for their train, Ian and I set about some speedy deconstruction work to try to beat the dreaded London rush hour!

After some Tetris-style packing of the van and a stop-over part way home, we hurtled up the M1 to be reminded why there's no place quite like home - just look at the stunning view waiting for us from our terrace!

Jack Nove
Marketing Intern, ZeroLight

T: +44(0) 191 485 0505
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