Our current placement student James heads back to Teesside University for his final year - we catch up with him on his time at ZeroLight.

How many countries have you visited in the last 12 months? What was your favourite place and why?

Germany (Munich, Frankfurt, Hannover, Stuttgart), Netherlands, USA, France, India, Italy.
Favourite place is between Munich and Vegas. Munich is such a beautiful place, and the first night we were there we went to a huge beer hall (hofbrauhaus) full of people drinking, singing and just generally being happy, Germany is also one of my favourite countries. Vegas is pretty self-explanatory, amazing place and very unlike all the other places I went, we had 4 demos at CES so there were 12 of us there, was quite cool to hear people say "I tried the ZeroLight demo earlier today, is this the same one?" and then present them with an entirely different experience.

When you weren't travelling, what kind of work have you been involved with in the studio?

Mostly trying new technologies that other departments had made and moulding them into an experience we could present as a demo. It was great working with so many different people and having ‘dibbs' on the latest and greatest hardware and software. As well as setting up internal demos for the various people visiting ZL.

What have you learned during your placement that you'll take back to Uni?

So much. Often times with university, you have a project due in a few months that will all be written in 1 language. With the various things at ZL I've jumped around with different languages, using the best suited one for the task I need to do, it's definitely made me for flexible and quick to adapt to new technologies, and with constant communication with everyone at ZL, any problems that I had I could quickly get help with.

What have you enjoyed the most about completing a placement at ZeroLight?

The people. I think coming to a placement can be quite daunting, most of your colleagues are industry professionals with years of experience and I'm fresh out of university, but having everyone super down to earth and really welcoming fills you with confidence. The working environment is very friendly, everyone treated me as another employee rather than just a placement student. The social/work events were always something to look forward to, and they really helped to de-stress and get to know everyone.